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The Thai sauces and Thai curry pastes currently in our range are the same sauces that we use to cook dishes in the restaurant. So if you can’t make it to the restaurant, now you have the opportunity to cook some of the restaurnt curry recipies at home!  Let us know how you get on with our Thai recipes or if you use our Thai sauce in your own special way or have your own recipes then we would love to hear from you!

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Satay Monkfish Recipe
Featured on Nigel Bardens BBC Radio 2 show

This is a great summer dish you can also grill the monkfish on the BBQ instead of panfrying. I think you will love the really easy method of making a great tasting satay sauce using our seasoned Thai Massaman Paste.
A lot of people think that satay sauce just goes with chicken or pork but it’s great with prawns and seafood too. In fact when the mackerel come in July and August it’s definitely worth substituting the monkfish for fillets of mackerel. It’s also really good with, scallops, langoustines or even lobster too!

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