It’s National Pie Week in The UK – Try a Thai Curry Pie

March 5-11th is National Pie Week in the UK and you really have to try one of these delicious fillings. A Thai Curry pie really is genius and a great winter warmer for this weather!

Try making a filling using The Coconut Kitchen pastes and sauces and some buy in some frozen Puff Pastry sheets. Cook the pastes as per instructions on the pack but just thicken the sauce with some cornflour mixed with water to get a good consistency for a pie filling. Please find our recipe suggestions below but feel free to experiment yourself, your pie is your oyster after all (wait, now there’s an idea!)


The Coconut Kichen Easy Thai Massaman Paste💗 – Great with braising steak and potato
The Coconut Kichen Easy Thai Green curry💗 – The best chicken Pie?
The Coconut Kichen Easy Thai Red curry paste💗 -Or maybe this might be the best chicken Pie… use the red curry paste to make a chicken Panang Pie
The Coconut Kichen Easy Thai Honey, Garlic and Pepper Sauce💗 -Cook with pork belly or ribs until

Mmmm the finished Pies taste great!

Green Chicken Curry Pie Filling

Beef, Potato and sweet potato Massaman Pie Filling

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